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Gaining Mind Share from Your Clients

When was the last time you ‘Googled’ something? Or grabbed a ‘Kleenex’ to blow your nose? Or put a ‘Bandaid’ on your cut finger or toe?

Each of those brands has established mind share in their respective categories -  search engines, tissues, and adhesive strips. Each product has developed a ‘stickiness’, or put another way, so much consumer awareness or popularity that the product is most often referred to as the brand and not the product.

The Importance of Feedback

Like many of you, we struggle to sit down and write our own blog posts.A relatively simple task, but one that seems overwhelming. What topic to choose?  What is the right focus? How does the blog post align with business,marketing, and life?

Thoughts on Yellowstone and Marketing

Returning home this week from a family vacation in Montana, I was impacted in a number of ways by my experience visiting Yellowstone National Park for the first time. The wide open spaces are, indeed, very wide. Especially in comparison to the heavily forested, rolling landscape of upstate New York where I live.

Kendra Anderson
Content Marketing: NOT the Next New Shiny Object

to the internet, small business marketing is full of bright shiny objects that have firmly and forever replaced our reliance on other, more traditional ways to get marketing done.

The kinder, gentler days of handing over your marketing needs to a trusty ad exec and the yellow pages are gone. RIP Don Draper.

That’s not all bad news, of course. Online marketing has opened up a world of options for the average business owner. Marketing solutions are accessible 24/7, 365, are relatively easy to learn, and if you don’t count the cost of time, ridiculously cheap.

Your Website is Like My Back Yard

Thoughts on the value of regular maintenance in work and life.

Last Wednesday, the temperature hit 72 degrees. 72. Degrees. Above Fahrenheit.
On March 9th. In Syracuse, NY.

That kind of temperature is cause for celebration,  and a perfect  reason to get outside fast. So at 3:45 pm, before the work day was over,  I wrapped up the last email, put on my gardening gloves, and headed out to rake.

Now, I’m like most sensible people. I hate to rake.

Janelle Fields
Dark to Light

February is one of my favorite months of the year.

Not because I love Valentines’ Day all that much. I can be as romantic as the next girl, but cupid's day ranks pretty far down on my list of favorite holidays.

And not because I get away every year to a warm weather destination vacation to escape the dead of winter. Not happening this year.

Not even because I’m especially patriotic about honoring two of our better, if not best, presidents.

I love February for this reason:

Fresh Eyes

The new year is a good time to consider the benefits of taking a ‘fresh eyes’ approach to growing business. Letting someone else in – friend, colleague or professional – to look at your business from an outside perspective is an activity worth doing at least once a year.

It’s easy to lose focus when steeped in the running of your business. And it’s just as easy to be too close to a problem, keeping you from envisioning solutions that an outsider sees rather quickly.